Love Stuffed Peppers….

Let’s do Stuffed Peppers !!!

  1. Family pack of ground turkey
  2. 8 medium peppers ( yellow, red and green).
  3. 1 Can Goya Black Beans
  4. 1 cup of cook Rice
  5. 2 Tbsp of olive oil
  6. 1 Tbsp of oregano
  7. 1 Tbsp of Garlic Salt
  8. Only a few pieces sliced Goya pimientos (naturally sweetened, roasted red peppers).
  9. 1 package of Sazon
  10. 1 package of Beef Bouillon
  11. 1 small onion
  12. 1 hand full of fresh Cilantro
  13. 3 Tbsp Goya Recaito ( Cooking base)
  14. 3 Tbsp Goya Sofrito (Cooking base)
  15. 1 Tbsp of Minced garlic
  16. 1 can of Tomato paste
  17.  ½ can of Tomato Puree
  18. ½ of black pepper
  19. 1/2 chicken Stock

Let’s get cooking!!!! ..

First Pre-heat the oven to 350.

Place the turkey meat in a pan with 3 tbsp of olive oil on med heat stove while stirring,  put in the 1 tbsp of oregano, 1 tbsp of Garlic Salt, 1 package of Sazon, 1 small onion (chop in small pieces).   Then when it’s almost done, a  add a hand full of fresh cilantro, 3 tbsp of Recaito, 3 tbsp Sofrito, add 1 tbsp of minced garlic, 1 can of tomato paste, ½ of tomato Puree.  Mix well just to make sure all the ingredients  are in the meat. Add the black beans and cooked rice to the mixture and it should look like this.

I cooked it on the stove for 35 minutes, then drain out the juices.

Then take all your 8 peppers , cut off the top and clean the inside and take out the seeds. Start to stuffing the mixture into the peppers. On top add cheese, and Goya sliced pimientos . After that is all done, place them in a cooking pan and add 1 can of chicken stock enough to hit mid way to the middle of the pan.

This is how they look like before they hit the oven at 350 degree and ready to be cooked.

Place them in the oven for approx. 1 hr 20 minutes , and they will be ready to eat..


How not to be overwhelming as a grandparent.

As a new Grandma, I was so overwhelmed with the bundle of joy my daughter brought to this word. My time of being a full-time mother has shifted into my new life of being a grandparent. I could not wait to buy this beautiful baby everything from toys to a whole room full of pampers. I was on a roll, but I fail to realize that my daughter was not too happy that I was taking over her job. My daughter is a great mother and the most loveable individual in the world but as her mom, I did not know when to stop helping and let her take control of her new family.  I promised myself that when my daughter had children, I would be there for her no matter what. I was going to be that super grandma who goes through fire and never let go. Which was not a good idea, my daughter appreciated everything but I had to stop taking control, I was a car with no breaks. Nevertheless, I finally was stopped in my tracks by a very special friend, who told me that I needed to give my daughter some space and let her be the parent, which she was right. She made a valuable point which I did not see and it was the hard pill to swallow, but I knew that I was a great mother to my daughter I am sure she will be a great mom as well.


What I learned from this process:

1- Step back and give them room

2- Wait for them to ask for help.

3- Try to not overbear them with your experience.

4- Give advice not force the issue.

5- Don’t tell them how to take care of their children but merely give suggestions or recommendations.

6- Just let them know that you are on the sidelines if they ever need assistance.

7- Enjoy being a grandmother.


I just learned where to stand as a grandparent at the same time enjoy my grandchildren without being their parent. Now I have the great pleasure knowing that my daughter has it all under control without my interference with her parenting skills and we are the best of friends.

I wonder if I was the only grandparent who took over and did not give their children a chance to be the parent? I would love to hear your stories.