Come and get it Empanadas with cream cheese and meat!!!

Hey guys, who doesn’t love empanadas so let start making them. One can make them for lunch or dinner. So let’s start cooking !!

1 lb of Lean Ground Beef

1 pack of cream cheese

10 pack Goya Discos for Empanadas

½  onion ( diced)

1 tablespoon of  Goya Sofrito cooking base

1 tablespoon of Goya Recaito – Culantro cooking base

1 tablespoon of minced garlic

1 package of Sazon Goya

½ Goya beef bouillon (powder)

½ teaspoon of paprika

½ teaspoon of oregano

½ teaspoon of dry cilantro

pinch of black pepper

pinch of crush red peppers

6 small olives ( diced)

1 egg white.

Put the lean ground beef in a preheated sauce pan then start to add ½ diced onion, 1tbsp sofrito, 1tbsp recaito, 1tbsp minced garlic and mix it all together.  Then add the ½ beef bouillon, ½ paprika, ½ oregano, ½  dry cilantro, pinch of black pepper, pinch of crush red pepper, and add the diced olives. 

Let it cook for about 30 minutes on low flame and check on it to make sure the meat is all done.

Once is completed, drain the left over juices of the meat. 

Then take the Goya Disc and place them on a flat surface, start to put the meat on top and add some cream cheese. Then start folding the disc using a fork to close it together and then brush on the egg white to seal the deal.

Then get ready to put them in a pre-heat a deep pan with about ½ cup of oil,. Then start to place the empanadas in the pot, make sure that both sides have golden a brown look and they are done.


Breakfast, the best part of the day!!

Today I would like to share my favorite egg recipe: Scrambled eggs with sweet orange and yellow peppers, with a nice ripe avocado on top. It’s simple, fast and it really makes my morning!. All you need is:

Two Eggs

1/4 tsp of Sazon Goya

1/4 tsp of Goya Adobo

1/4 tsp of McCormick Onion Power

A pinch of black pepper  

Then get some sweet orange and yellow peppers and cut them up in what ever size you like. I prefer mine to be a mix cut.

Then I place the sweet peppers with a 1 tbl of butter on low heat. I sauté the peppers for about a minute, I like my peppers with a little crunch to them.

While the peppers are simmering in the pan, crack your eggs into a small bowl and mix in all of your dry ingredients.

*For fluffier eggs you can also add a tablespoon of milk.

Now, pour your eggs into the pan and continue to stir the eggs with your spatula for 20 seconds. When the eggs are starting to congeal turn off the stove, the eggs will continue to cook in the hot pan and you don’t want to over cook or possibly burn them.

When the eggs are done, cut a ripe avocado in half and slice them as you desire, place it right on top of the eggs and sprinkle your pinch of black pepper and serve.

Enjoy and have a great day!!!