Breakfast, the best part of the day!!

Today I would like to share my favorite egg recipe: Scrambled eggs with sweet orange and yellow peppers, with a nice ripe avocado on top. It’s simple, fast and it really makes my morning!. All you need is:

Two Eggs

1/4 tsp of Sazon Goya

1/4 tsp of Goya Adobo

1/4 tsp of McCormick Onion Power

A pinch of black pepper  

Then get some sweet orange and yellow peppers and cut them up in what ever size you like. I prefer mine to be a mix cut.

Then I place the sweet peppers with a 1 tbl of butter on low heat. I sauté the peppers for about a minute, I like my peppers with a little crunch to them.

While the peppers are simmering in the pan, crack your eggs into a small bowl and mix in all of your dry ingredients.

*For fluffier eggs you can also add a tablespoon of milk.

Now, pour your eggs into the pan and continue to stir the eggs with your spatula for 20 seconds. When the eggs are starting to congeal turn off the stove, the eggs will continue to cook in the hot pan and you don’t want to over cook or possibly burn them.

When the eggs are done, cut a ripe avocado in half and slice them as you desire, place it right on top of the eggs and sprinkle your pinch of black pepper and serve.

Enjoy and have a great day!!!

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