Who said that Sex is dead after Marriage?

Being in a marriage is a journey you can take with the love of your life, everything is so fresh and new. Waking up with a smile on your face, receiving unconditional hugs and kisses are the norm.  Sex is fantastic and sometimes leaves you speechless even after the honeymoon stage. However, just like the seasons, sex in marriage fluctuates it becomes less frequent, then it only happens once every four months or longer.  The problem is that life takes over and it can be as simple as working new shift, having kids, living with the in-laws, and not being the same weight before one got married. Not having sex in marriage can also leave a gap for a spouse to cheat which can lead to a dark path. Nevertheless, there are some solutions to get that sex back into your marriage. By rethink of new ways to bring the spark you once had and remembering why we married that person. Just by taking a moment to go through the piles of issues that is preventing us from having great sex it’s worth the effort. Being married doesn’t have to be sexless; we just need that little push to get back on track again. 

Here are some simple steps that might work for you.  

  • On your spare time cook a nice dinner, your partner will see it as an invitation. 
  • Take a bath with each other and lather each other in love.
  • Give each other an intimate massage with some warm oil.
  • If you have kids, find a baby sitter and go out on a date.  
  • Have a romantic dinner.
  • Leave love notes in their pocket or purse, telling them how much you need them, and what you will do to them during sex. 
  • Grab their butt when they are washing dishes or if they bend over, a little foreplay will not hurt anyone. 
  • Hug them and say sweet or nasty things in their ear. 
  • Rent a hotel and Role Play. 
  • Call them at their job and tell them you miss and need them. 
  • Send sexy texts. 

Sex is great and we should always find time to enjoy it.

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