How To Get Rid Of Clutter.

In this day and age, we all have clutter, it could be just by simply stacking up mail on the table to overstuffing our closets, no matter how we look at it is still clutter. Now to get rid of the items is the most challenging aspect of the process. Some individuals feel an attachment that could stem from a memory or an event that happened in their lives, and if it’s thrown way they lose a piece of themselves. I was that type of person who held on to items that meant a lot to me, for example, my son’s old paintings when he was just six years old. I kept them in a container, it was not a lot but enough to fill the whole thing up and I also kept some old sweaters and a few pairs of jeans that I wore years ago. I felt that if I threw it away I was throwing out my life memories. Then I realized that is it not true and I needed to accept that I am not less of a person just because I wanted to get organized and relieved myself of clutter. So, I set some time aside and I started to clean and like magic, I felt great, focused and had clarity. Getting rid of clutter not only gave me the space I needed, but it gave me a better perspective. My mother once said that a clear mind is when your home is clutter free and she is right. Below are the steps that I took to get rid of my clutter and was able to move forward without feeling guilty.

Here are my steps:

1- Take the day off if you want to declutter.

2- Listen to great music, whatever makes you move.

3- Hold the item in your hand.

4- Ask yourself how long has it been in your house.

5- If it’s more then 6 months and if you have not used it then throw it out or give it charity.

6- Don’t overthink it, and don’t feel bad about throwing it away, material items don’t have feelings.

7- Give yourself a pat on the back for being clutter-free and enjoy your space.

I would love to hear some great ideas on how you clear your clutter?

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